LUNAPACK has implemented a food safety system 22000

The Lunapack food safety system is verified by the Bureau Veritas Certification

“Trade group “LUNAPACK” has implemented at its enterprise the 22000 Food Safety System Certification with the application of technical specification for the BPR sector: ISO TS 22002-4: 2013 and FSSC 22000 additional requirements “Manufacturing of cardboard packaging for food industry”.

Besides, in 2017, the company OOO “TG “Lunapack” has been evaluated within integrated EcoVadis platform, the evaluation methodology of which was based on international CSR standards (corporate social responsibility, ed.). This platform includes the global reporting initiative and ISO 26000 International Standard “Guidance On Social Responsibility”. The evaluation results are posted on the EcoVadis platform.

The ISO 22000 standard is intended for the certification of food safety management systems, organizations involved in the food chain, processing or manufacturing products with small and long shelf life, food ingredients, animal products, food packaging, equipment, cleaning agents.


 The necessary requirements for food industry enterprises, which are prescribed in the standard ISO 22000, are the following:

  • ·         Use specialized machinery only, machinery and equipment for the production of goods;
  • ·         Safe operation of buildings and premises;
  • ·         Timely check of equipment and its maintenance;
  • ·         Timely and sufficient supply of water, steam and air;
  • ·         Correct use of raw materials and materials used in production;
  • ·         Proper treatment of semi-finished products and prepared food;
  • ·         Carrying out activities to prevent contamination of surfaces and equipment;
  • ·         Control over the pest appearance, sanitary and hygienic measures;
  • ·         Hygiene and health of staff working in the company.

This standard was designed to help food industry organizations, regardless of their size, to occupy their market segments and successfully expand its boundaries and meet the requirements of interested parties, including the organization’s customers.


 The basis of the standard is a system approach, concerning all parameters of food safety at the each stage of the technological process.


 Companies that implement that standard receive the following odds:

  • ·         Increase consumer confidence in the products.
  • ·         Expansion of sales markets.
  • ·         Increase the competitiveness of enterprises and products.
  • ·         Growth of investment attractiveness.
  • ·         Establish a strong reputation as a manufacturer of quality and safe food.
  • ·         Unmistakable finding of control points and obtaining the necessary timely level of control over them.


It is worth noting, that ZAO Lunapack Carton Packing Plant specializes in the production of various types of packaging. 99.87% of shares of this enterprise are owned by ALEF Investment Holding GmbH.


 The Alef Corporation is represented in various sectors of domestic and western markets. So far the corporation possesses a considerable number of diversified businesses, uniting 19 independent ones.


 The company was established in 1995 by a Ukrainian businessman and investor, millionaire Vadym Yermolaiev. In 2016 Dragon Capital Investment Company listed Yermolaiev’s net worth as $322 million.


 To recap, Forbes magazine listed Vadym Yermolaiev to be one of the five the most influential businessmen of Dnipro.